Deutsche Bahn omitted from 2022 to glyphosate

Stop for a weed killer on the tracks

Deutsche Bahn omitted from 2022 to glyphosate

28. November 2019 – 10:48 PM

Bahn is testing alternative methods

By 2022 at the latest, Deutsche Bahn wants to dispense with the use of the controversial weed ester glyphosate destruction. The railway is the single biggest user of the controversial drug in Germany. So far, the funds have been used to prevent plants growing on the rail network .

In order to keep the track bed plants are all expected to be from 2020 onwards, increasingly, other methods are used. The Railways is already testing alternative methods, such as hot water, electrical current and UV-light. In addition, so-called Bioherbizide to be used, provided they receive an approval. The Federal Ministry of transport, informed on a request by the Green parliamentary group, which is present the German press Agency .

Especially farmers and gardeners rely on glyphosate

In previous years, Deutsche Bahn has reduced the use of glyphosate. While in the year 2017 to 67 tons of the controversial weed-killer have been using used, it was 2018, only 57 tons. So far, 90 percent of the network had been treated once a year with glyphosate, around 63,000 kilometres of Track, the company said. This is about a kilogram per track-km. Except for conservation areas and bridges.

However, the glyphosate-consumption of the German railway accounts for only 0.4 percent of the total consumption. Especially farmers and gardeners use the funds. Glyphosate is approved in the EU until 2022 .

Glyphosate is a danger to the environment and health?

Glyphosate is the best-selling herbicides in the world. The pesticide is extremely effective. It destroyed everything Green, it comes on fields, in Parks or in gardens in contact. Because of its effectiveness, it is particularly popular among farmers and gardeners. You can use the funds mainly to the fields after the harvest for replanting to prepare and to crush a particularly stubborn weed. However, glyphosate is used worldwide in the criticism. Environmentalists warn that glyphosate, the species diversity is detrimental to, and with debt is is to die on the Insects. In addition, the herbicide is suspected to cause cancer .

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