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19. September 2019 – 12:16 PM

DIY toothpaste – good for us and the environment

All the talk of plastic prevention and sustainability. We will show you how to make toothpaste yourself, and thus not only the environment, but also give you something Good to do.

RTL-reporter shows how to do it

If you think about it, how much chemicals enter several times a day on the toothbrush in the mouth, is a quite different. For this reason, and also because the tubes tons of plastic waste arising, the Trend is clearly to the DIY. And this is quite simple. RTL-reporter Caro Sedlak shows in the Video how to do it and reveals why you should definitely a little turmeric to add .

On the shelf eighth

Anyone who is of the typical mint flavor is missing, you can add on a whim just a few drops of peppermint oil. By the way, the toothpaste is as long lasting as the coconut oil also. On the minimum durability date look and the best on the crucible write.

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