Alexander Scheer

Alexander Scheer is an artist through and through. Piece by piece he got to the top of the German Film – and theatre scene worked.

Alexander Scheer

  • Born 1. July, 1976 , Berlin (East)
  • First Name Alexander
  • Name Scheer
  • Forty three
  • Size 1.84 m
  • The Zodiac Sign Of Cancer

Not everyone knows that

After he had dropped out of school, stopped Alexander Scheer as a postman, a cemetery gardener and a bartender on the water.

Alexander Scheer is self-taught and has never attended an acting school .

Biography of Alexander Scheer

Alexander Scheer is an absolute exceptional artist. Only a few actors manage such a variety of characters to incorporate. It would bring his career once to Hollywood, could have been the 1976 in East-Berlin-born Theater and film actor, probably even not suspected. After he moved to the 11. Class from the Georg-Friedrich-Händel Gymnasium was going on, he had to keep for a long time with some temporary jobs. He made his first acting experiences in short promotional clips, and home movies. The breakthrough came in 1999 with his Main role as Micah in Leander Haussmann’s Film “Sonnenallee”. The Director Haußmann, he followed to the Schauspielhaus Bochum in Bochum. There, he played in theatre productions such as "Much ADO about Nothing", "Leonce and Lena" or “The storm”.

Between the stage and the screen

But also in front of cameras, he popped up again and again. 2001 should be the year, because it appeared the two films to be among his best-known roles. In “Viktor Vogel – Commercial Man” mixing it up, he as the main character along with the acting legend, Götz George, an advertising Agency and also in Sven Taddickens debut "My brother, the vampire" convinced Scheer. In 2007, he crashes in the Biography-film adaptation of Uschi Obermaier “The wild life”, the former member of the famous “Kommune 1,” in the representation of the legendary Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards and thrilled with this performance, the critic.

Katharina, Anna, Nellie Thalbach in the GALA-Interview

In 2009 he receives from “Theater heute” for his portrayal as Edmund Kean award for actor of the year. In the following years, he slips for Director Frank Castorf at the Berlin Volksbühne again and again in various roles, including in “journey to Petushki”, “fist”, or even “Berlin Alexanderplatz”.

Bands and production company

By the way, Scheer has dabbled in all sorts of bands and projects and acts as a guitarist and front vocalist or keyboard player or drummer. In addition, he founded, in 2003, together with the short film-Director André Jagusch his own production company called “9 O’Clock Pictures".

That is mainly character roles of the extroverted Berlin proves to lie again and again. In “Lou Andreas-Salomé” he slips into the role of the Friedrich Nietzsche and also in the film adaptation of Karl Marx, with August Diehl, he plays with Wilhelm Weitling another historical character. In addition, he personified Johannes Weinrich in “Carlos – The Jackal“ or Blixa Bargeld in “death to the Hippies! It’s the Punk live“.

And then to Hollywood?

Most recently, the film industry, from Overseas, became aware of him. As he says especially after he samples his new demo to the current work, Showreel called, online have. So he was invited to the filming of the fifth part of “pirates of the Caribbean”. In “Pirates of the Caribbean – Salazar’s revenge” must Scheer dazzle in a sequence appear as the father of Johnny Depp’s character Jack Sparrow in the scene .

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