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Star Designer and Guido Maria Kretschmer about dealing with Instagram, Facebook and Co.

Many overdo it, really! Whether the world really needs to know that you have just eaten a Patty – I think that’s questionable. I often think: it must be?

“Like” Button.

If you share on Facebook, Twitter and co. really everything from the deepest grief to intense satisfaction, then you lost also. We must not forget that all that remains in the network ends up in the spheres of the World Wide Web, hang out .

The Mode-Tick the monarch.

Young people confuse the Internet, unfortunately, much too often the reality. Users want to consume, with friendship and socialization that has to do mostly anything. At the end of the day, only one of which is, unfortunately, important that any owl Like on the like-Button has been clicked .

To be able to very special moments and experiences through a Social Media channel with his friends and family to share, of course, is a fine thing. If, for example, found after a long search for a Partner and happy in love. Or, if you would like to present to consuming cooked vegan 4-course-menu .

Guidos GALAxy Facebook Co personally would never

Stars in the photo-to-noise.

Duration of holiday makers.

Many of the people who post constantly pictures from vacation, I wonder, however, what they do throughout the day. What do these period vacationers your money? First of all, you should not share, but the period prior to the departure date on the Internet with the whole world. In this way, it is possible to put the burglars also equal to the spare key under the doormat. The Same applies for phone numbers and addresses – an absolute No-Go!

Man! The has a great life.

Other photograph right in the Morning after waking Up half naked in bed. Then anyone how great you look and the Ego is happy commented. If one is honest, is basically just about. Someone should think: man! The has a great life.

Recently, I’ve seen that someone has photographed a pregnancy test and a urine sample. Everything that has to do with excretion, it should be kept, in my opinion, from the Public. Health problems I personally would never post.

Guido as a Reality TV Star.

For this reason, I’m not as Reality-TV-Star suitable. With cameras and Live Shows, I have absolutely no Problem with that. To put me all thing alone with just my personality to be on TV, for me, is unthinkable. In front of the whole Nation in the bathtub to rise, or naked in a pool jumping – that’s not going to happen. There are, fortunately, enough others, the time and desire for this type of entertainment.

In this sense: #a little more.

Next week in Guido’s GALAxy: The obsession with beauty of the Stars.

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