Günther Klum, The edged head of the Heidi-Klum-Empire

Günther Klum: The angular head of the Heidi-Klum-Empire.

Günther Klum: The angular head of the He > Facebook Pinterest Twitter E-Mail 08.08.2019.

Günther Klum and Heidi Klum are considered to be inseparable Team. The recent wedding of his daughter, he not appeared. The rumor mill.

He is the head. The Head Of The Family. The Heidi family, said it better: Heidi-Klum-Empire. It seems a bit funny that a bulky guy like Günther Klum, 73, the Beauty Business of his Model-daughter controls extremely successful and in the best agreement with Heidi Klum, 46, .

Heidi Klum: there Is a dispute with Papa Günther?

And then, of all things, after the wedding of Heidi and the Tokio Hotel musicians Tom Kaulitz, 29, to come rumors about alleged discord between the two gone. The “picture” want to know “that the Position of father of Klum as a Stripping and mastermind of the Klum-shaking Empire’s will”.

Regardless of their truth, such rumors are a small Sensation, because Heidi Klum and her father are considered to be inseparable. A business power couple for more than 25 years of Bending and Breaking holds. A number of experts in the Beauty industry in Günther Klum, the actual engine of the success of machine Heidi Klum.

Heidi Klum + Tom Kaulitz.

The Party can begin!

The beginnings of Günther Klum.

As a “badass” (evening newspaper) referred to him a as a “sly dog” the other. The “chain dog of Bergisch Gladbach”, characterized it as of 2009, the “Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin”, where he has quite a cosy, pages, speaks, especially when he’s in the Timbre of his Rhenish home. He is born in Bergisch-Gladbach, Germany and lives there still today. He completed the elementary school, the Bayer group an apprenticeship as a chemical technician made. He has made up for the University of applied Sciences, and then for 25 years at the Cologne-based fragrance company 4711 as a production Manager worked.

The daughter makes this possible.

Thus, in 1992, was won, as Heidi the beauty contest “Model 1992”. Günther Klum became a member of the Heidi Klum GmbH, and later managing Director of Heidi Klum Verwaltungs-GmbH, and the model Agency ONEeins fab Management. “Günther Klum made his daughter a millionaire, negotiated their contracts, was her Minder,” wrote “image”. Today, her fortune is estimated at 50 to 85 million Euro, which was however never confirmed .

Heidi was the flagship of the TV-Format “Germany’s Next Topmodel” (“GNTM”), and Günther Klum took care of behind-the-Scenes with his GmbH, the marketing of “GNTM”-candidates. The Hair & Make-up Artist Armin Morbach, the time was a jury member at “GNTM”, said, according to the “SZ-Magazin”: “There is no Heidi without a father. There is no father without Heidi. He is always with you.”

He has also in his hands in the game.

Günther Klum negotiated contracts and Interview appointments with his daughter, was also in the Background at “GNTM” in the process. He made sure that Heidi’s husband number two, singer Seal, 56, to the carnival of Bergisch-Gladbach got a conspicuous place on the floats, and his daughter, who has since 2008 also the American citizenship, the homely attribute earthiness.

“Germany’s Next Topmodel”-final.

The Twitter community reacts mercilessly.

Günther Klum is a strong pillar of the Klum-Empire, which is based on the beauty of his daughter – and its kind of a fascinating figure. The sun is simply the fact that “he is not just any Manager, but the biological father of the Stars he works for,” says the “SZ-Magazin”. “And that is possibly the key point, as an eternal fascination comes suddenly: the multiple coin enthusiasm of many people for clandestine or sinister father figures. The front of the radiant Princess, behind the dark king.”

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