Green Room Small, dirty genre film

Green Room Small, dirty genre film is one thing above all

Green Room: Small, dirty genre film.

Green Room: Small, dirty genre film.

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In a surprisingly witty and immensely brutal Genre Film “Green Room” rushes Director Jeremy Saulnier Nazis on a group of Punks.

Now and again there are these little films, which is not expected in the run-up to virtually nothing (or not even), and then consistently positively surprised. So it was in the case of Jeremy Saulniers “Green Room” to the audience in Cannes, the guests at the Film Festival in Toronto. And so should it be also goers all the movies, have a penchant for nasty and extremely brutal Horror fare. But really only you.

“Nazi Punks Fuck Off”

Training of the Büchner-twins.

In your thoughts, Papa, Jens is always with you.

Green Room Small, dirty genre film But really

No, with an extra dose of luck, the washed-up punk band “Ain’t Rights is not blessed” indeed. For your broken Bus gasoline must range from parked cars to be sucked, the pay for a Gig that is hundreds of kilometres, is located in the Cent. This is also why the Punker’t hesitate long, as you a presence in a secluded Club in the middle of Nowhere will be offered, in spite of the warning that Nazis will be among the guests .

To crush the first, as brave as saudämliche idea, “Nazi Punks Fuck Off” by the Dead Kennedys, and has many bald heads in the audience with little enthusiasm. When the Band wants to do after the show as quickly as possible from the dust, is guitarist Pat (Anton Yelchin) at the wrong time, absolutely the wrong place: He is a witness to a brutal murder of a young woman he had seen briefly before in the audience. Of the Situation completely overwhelmed and your life to extend the roof, barricaded the Band together with the Nazi bride-to-be Amber (Imogen Poots) in the Backstage area of the club and hopes to be coming from the police. But, what a miracle, will never show up.

Known ingredients brave mixed.

A group of teenagers is stranded in the US Nowhere and is brought to the “Ten little Jägermeister”-principle, one after the other and as brutal as possible to the corner – so far, so generic. But with his Film, “Green Room” succeeds in Director Jeremy Saulnier to this cliché-Laden, entry-level, well-known Genre conventions to pack in a refreshing “Punks versus Nazi”story to provide you with a surprising amount of pitch-black Humor and snotty music-deposits delicious.

“Green Room” is one thing above all: not for the faint hearted. With machetes, scrap guns, carpet knives and vicious dogs, the Skinheads in the back, in order to get rid of the witnesses to the murder. Not a few confrontations of the two groups are “Gore”-fixed-special-the same, in which even the most experienced Horror Fans are your eyes from the canvas, turning away. On the clock, the view is not likely to slide, however, as “the Green Room” is, in spite of its 95 minutes running time is not only entertaining, but also very exciting.

Nazi Picard against Punk-Chekov.

That “Green Room” to Fans of the Genre should enjoy, is in addition to the convincing effects of the adorable-verse consoles the heroes and the antagonists Darcy, delightfully diabolical portrayed by Patrick Stewart. Thus, the duel between the Nazis and Punks is also a battle between two “Star Trek”-sizes: Next Generation Jean-Luc Picard has it in for Pavel Chekov (Yelchin) from the new “Star Trek”movies. But also the of Poots played renegade Nazi bride-to-be is just as wacky as interesting figure, which is developing an exciting dynamic with main character Pat, and the other punks .


The perfect audience for “the Green Room” resulting in an admittedly small group: you are in a very graphic Horror, evil Humor, and in the best case, still on Punk music. Specifically, the extraordinary characters, it is thanks to that “to entertain the Green Room” until the big Showdown, all those white, on such strips. All of the other, the still solve a Ticket for the Film you have been hereby warned !

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