Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III wedding in a dream

Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III wedding in a dream 30 million to track the

Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III: A wedding like in a dream.

Cannes 2016.

Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III: A wedding like in a dream.

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The mother of all dream weddings, and 60 years Ago married Prince Rainier III to Hollywood Star Grace Kelly.

Dream wedding. Every reasonably well-known Couple is trying to present you. Some helpless to funny how Gülcan and Sebastian Kamps or Sarah Connor and Marc Terenzi, or reasonably managed, as in the case of George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin. A different caliber of the marriage of William and Kate was. But all this is nothing against the marriage of Rainier III of Monaco and Grace Kelly. It was, if you will, the mother of all dream weddings. 60 years ago, but fairy tales have no expiration date.

The connection had not certainly the fascinating ingredients for a marriage made in. Hollywood Star marries the largely unknown instructors, a tiny state on the Mediterranean coast. So what? It was – at the present time an Angelina Jolie of transfer as would have the benefit of their future role as the mother of the nation, say, Liechtenstein, on her international film career omitted. You would grab the best case to the head .

It manifests itself personally to their disease.

The Principality is in danger to fall to France .

Since 1949, a certain Louis Henri Maxence Rainier Grimaldi Prince Rainier III, the mini-state Monaco (2.2 square kilometres, approximately 35,000 inhabitants) ruled. He comes from a not very important noble family from Genoa, because of its merits in the naval warfare against the English in 1331, the fortress of Monaco from the French king gets awarded .

Also Rainier is over 600 years later, to the favor of the French. Important decisions he will have to leave Paris, sign off, there is a contractual “obligation to consult is”. Moreover, his dwarf monarchy is as good as bankrupt, and threatens to fall to France, if the Prince can present no heir to the throne .

In his Distress, Rainier sells shares of his casino company to the Greek billionaire Aristotle Onassis. This makes especially the Greek shipping Empire, urges the young Prince to a quick marriage, because he didn’t want to get rid of his benefice, on the Côte d’azur again so soon to France .

“An iceberg, a volcano blazes”

And he starts putting ideas in his head: Because this bright beautiful woman, the whole world is. Grace Kelly, an actress from a good home, an American woman with the best Connections to the economy and the big money. “An iceberg, a volcano blazes”, as you characterized the film’s Director Alfred Hitchcock, an “amorous Python,” says a colleague less charming.

From 1950 to 1955, Grace Kelly, the daughter of a stone plays a part, contractor, and his English rich-born wife, Margaret Katherine Majer, in eleven films. She turns with Gary Cooper in the Western legend “high noon” and with Clark Gable, “Mogambo,” for you will be in 1954 with a Golden Globe best supporting actress award. A year later, she receives for her role in “the country girl” won the Oscar as best actress. Grace Kelly is a Star, the world is pulling for you, the worshippers stand in line, but it leaves you in the cold down.

“Of course I want to marry. But my career is more to me than the idea of marriage. If I quit now, and stop I would have to, because the marriage, in my opinion, a woman claimed all – then I’d be the one torturing me, probably my life with the thought of what a great actress I could be,” she says in the March 1955.

An arranged Meeting.

Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III wedding in a dream seriously injured, Gracia

Six weeks later, she learns Rainier know. He is a handsome man, 32 years old, has a beautiful Palace and a legendary stamp collection. The 25-year-old Grace competes at the Cannes film festival for their Film “the country girl” and follows an invitation by the magazine “Paris Match”, which arranged a Meeting with Rainier in the Prince’s Palace of Monaco. A pretty story, not only the journalists. The reporters take pictures of the beautiful Couple on a tour through Rainier’s private zoo, the Lord is kindled, while she finds him “very personable” .

He bombards you with stormy letters, travels in pursuit of her – she maintains a distance. Your family is not enthusiastic about the rulers of Monaco. He was a “random and bankrupt Prince, goes to my daughter straight up to the breast,” scolds father John Brendan Kelly. And your mother confused Monaco with Macau or Morocco.

Tough struggle for the dowry of the bride.

But the Rainier does not small. In December he travels to the USA and the Kelly family on Christmas day to pay his respects. Three days later, Rainier, the beautiful Grace at a dinner at New York’s Waldorf Astoria Hotel is an official wedding proposal. Grace agrees, and finished their rather loose relationship with the fashion designer Oleg Cassini. On 5. January is announced the engagement. Ahead of a tough struggle for the dowry of the beautiful bride-to-be was gone. At the end, they agreed on two million dollars, to take half father Kelly and Grace. A pretty sum for a Prince in dire financial Straits.

On 4. April 1956, Grace Kelly in New York on Board the steamer “Constitution”, you will be accompanied by their family, friends and about 100 journalists. Eight days later the bride in the Hercules Bay in front of the Principality of Rainier on his Yacht “Deo Juvante II” and the Locals greeted by a stormy applause. The civil Ceremony will take place on the Morning of the 18. April in the throne room of the Palace, you will be transferred to Europe. And on 19. April, is married the Couple in the Monaco Cathedral by Bishop Gilles Barthe .

30 million to track the “wedding of the century”

Among the 600 guests of the former Egyptian king Farouk, the Aga Khan III, the shipowners Onassis and his daughter Christina, as well as the Hollywood Stars, Gloria Swanson, Ava Gardner and David Niven. One of the six bridesmaids grace’s longtime girlfriend Rita Gam. The European high nobility who has taken the Grimaldis never completely full, will stay away from the celebrations. Over 30 million television viewers in nine countries, from actress Grace Kelly, Princess Gracia Patricia of Monaco. On the same day the newly married couple embarks on a seven-week honeymoon in the Mediterranean on Board the Royal Yacht .

23. In January of 1957, the lady brings her daughter Caroline to the world, on 14. March, 1958, the son of Albert Alexandre Louis Pierre, the extruded his sister as heir to the throne. The youngest child, Stéphanie born on 1. February 1965 the light of the world. In spite of the birth of the children of Gracia’s life, Patricia’s as a Princess in the first years difficult. She only speaks bad French and is not able to handle the etiquette of the court and the authority of Rainier’s. Add to this the financial and political problems. The important revenue from the Casino back to go through the increasing competition on the Côte d’azur .

Back to Alfred Hitchcock?

In the summer of 1960 John B. Kelly of stomach cancer, the death of the father, as well as two miscarriages, to die put Gracia Patricia hard, she falls into depression. Rainier is considering a temporary return of his wife into the movie business, and Alfred Hitchcock would like you to role for the female lead in “Marnie”. However, the Monegasque Public is of the view, acting as incompatible, in principle, with the tasks of a country mother. You would have to kiss her co-star Sean Connery in front of the camera, is for the people, a thing of the impossibility.

Gracia Patricia gives in to the pressure and wrote to Hitchcock: “Dear Hitch, it breaks my heart to have to the film project to give up. I was really looking forward to the participation and, in particular, to the renewed cooperation with You. At the next Meeting I will explain to You personally the many motives, what is in a letter or through a third party difficult. A pity that it had to come, I regret it very much.”

“I don’t search for happiness”

A happy woman is writing the other letter, and her biographer Thilo Wydra (“Grace: The biography”) says: “It means that you are locked up for a week, with no one talking, and that part of Grace Kelly is broken this week”. In an Interview with “Playboy” describes the Princess of your state of mind: “I don’t search for happiness . I don’t expect to be in peace, to desire with all the Power a bit and not to despair, because one has achieved something . I’m not in continuous fight with myself, so I guess I’m at peace with me.”

Nevertheless, this marriage is said to Gracia Patricia, you must first learn to love Rainier, a model of success. And that has to do primarily with the Princess to. It has a high degree of recognition, attracts people from all over the world after Monaco. You can spend your holiday, make enormous banks and real estate transactions. The income of the Principality is rising by leaps and bounds. At the end of the 1960s, has been a tenfold increase in the tourist volume of 77,000 visitors from the time before the wedding .

The world meets in Monaco.

And grace attracts your former colleagues from the show business. Movie stars come to Monte Carlo, and the draw, for its part, the Jetset magical. The world meets in Monaco – thanks to Gracia Patricia, who is matured to a dignified, sovereign and respected country mother and a formative style icon. Also your French is now good. The marital bliss seems to be perfect.

It holds up to a 13. September 1982. On this day, the Princess returns with her youngest daughter Stéphanie from the summer residence of Roc fishing on the coast road to Monte Carlo. In a hairpin curve of the Rover from the carriageway and plunges 40 feet deep, down a slope. The 17-year-old Stéphanie, survived seriously injured, Gracia Patricia dies the next day in the designated Centre Hospitalier Princesse Grace at the age of 52 years.

Monaco and the world are shocked, and Prince Rainier III. to the death of his beloved wife until his death on 6. April 2005, no more twisting.

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