Glee skin on it

Glee skin on it play Teenagers who

“Glee”: the skin on it.

“Glee”: the skin on it.

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The Stars of the US hit series “Glee” for a magazine in suggestive poses to photograph. The moved to the United States the Trouble of concerned parents – and, finally, the actors play in the series Yes high school Kids. Dianna Agron begins the apology-Canon.

A photo spread in the November issue of the men’s magazine “GQ” has already made its mark in the United States: The Stars of the hit series “Glee” were in suggestive poses scan, which drew the Anger of concerned parents to. In the photos of the main Actresses, Lea Michele and Dianna Agron are in scarce clothing and suggestive poses in a school .

Glee skin on it the responsibility

The American “Parents Television Council” (PTC), a parent Association for responsible television program uses, criticized the photo on your Homepage as “to pedophilia adjacent”. The pictures are sadly the latest example of the overt sexualization of young girls in the entertainment industry.

“Beverly Hills, 90210”

What became of Brandon, Brenda and co. .

The musical series “Glee” is very successful in the USA and is regarded as a family series. Michele and Agron play Teenagers who are members of the school choir. Both Actresses are in real life, already 24 years old.

Agron responded in your Blog to the accusations and apologized with the usual clichés. Sorry, it was never their intention to hurt or discomfort cause. They, however, pointed to the responsibility of parents: “When an eight-year-old gets a copy of “GQ” in the hands, I have to ask: How in the world do you get there?”

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