Germany s Next Topmodel Heidi is a natural wonder

Germany s Next Topmodel Heidi is a natural wonder and the Power of

Germany’s Next Topmodel “Heidi is a natural miracle”

Germany’s Next Topmodel: “Hey > Facebook Pinterest Twitter E-Mail 25.02.2009.

And what’s going on behind the Scenes? Rolf Scheider and Peyman Amin, speaking in an Interview about Humor, Stress, and the Power of her Boss.

Germany s Next Topmodel Heidi is a natural wonder always areas, there know

An important aspect for a successful Show? A good Sidekick. Heidi Klum has two: Casting Director Rolf Scheider and Model Booker Peyman Amin, the form with her since the third season of “Germany’s Next Topmodel”-Jury. Peyman is the villain, Rolf the slightly confused buddy, Heidi, the mother of the company. It works so well that Heidi Klum wanted to have the two for the fourth season.

Let’s be honest – has Heidi Klum as the head of the Show in the Jury have the last word?

ROLF SCHEIDER : no, because there is always areas, there know one of us better than the other. Since it closes before the judgment of the other. I work as a Casting Director, Peyman as a Model-Booker, but Heidi is familiar with the various aspects of the model jobs of course, better than we do. But we really try to decide everything together and to speak with one voice. PEYMAN AMIN : The Good news is that we are all three with our Humor on the same wavelength. The fit, even if I’m in Public, often as a bad uncle over. – SEPARATOR : Each of us has now found its Position in the Jury. However, it is not so that you can come to hell out of his role to play. Since I have been living in France for several years, is to me a bit of what has been lost from the German vocabulary, and I’m not as spontaneous as Peyman.

This is how you react to the surprising Opera ball.

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