Gerda Lewis GNTM-candidate is newly in love

Gerda Lewis GNTM-candidate is newly in love in the

Gerda Lewis: GNTM-candidate is newly in love.

Three months after the separation: This GNTM-candidate of historical Sciences > Facebook Pinterest Twitter E-Mail 23.07.2018.

Shortly after the GNTM-final, they split up. Now the Ex-candidate, has a new friend, to be in the you literally infatuated seems.

The Finale of “Germany’s next Topmodel”

The Finale of “Germany’s next Topmodel”

Gerda Lewis is in love again happy. In your Instagram Story, the former “Germany’s next Topmodel”candidate, your new friend Adrien Laurent, a Frenchman and also as Gerda fitness model. The two make the vacation in the city of love, Paris. The rumors of a relationship with “Bachelor in Paradise”-darling Philipp Stealer seem so out of the world.

Gerda Lewis kisses her new friend Adrien Laurent.

Gerda Lewis kisses her new friend Adrien Laurent.

Gerda Lewis is floating on cloud Seven.

A few hours ago posted Gerda a photo that shows you in the French capital. While there are to see on the profile is exclusively a posing photos of the 25-Year-old, posted it in your Story much more private snapshots. There you will find current photos and Videos of a happy in love Couple. On a picture of Gerda kisses her Adrien on the cheek, on a other hand, they embrace passionately. The photos titled Gerda with words like “feelings” and “mine”. A Video shows Adrien Dancing. Also Gerda in English wrote: “I get so high when you’re with me.” These Postings are probably unique. Gerda hovering just on cloud nine and this is hopefully also the first so.

Gerda Lewis and her new friend Adrien Laurent hug.

Separation from the Ex Tobi.

In April Gerda and her boyfriend at the time Tobi had split after a year of relationship from each other. Then the bodybuilders of his Ex threatened that she should not be fucking with lies, and apart from him not other people. Gerda responded by stating, ye have not life in private carry into the Public. At that time, the blonde wanted first a new man, but prefer to be alone to go through life. This has changed after three months .

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