George Clooney tormented By the staff

George Clooney tormented By the staff and then his

George Clooney: From the staff, tormented?

George Clooney: From the staff, tormented?

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George Clooney has been unlucky with his staff: Only one of his employees a squeezed his Hand and then his driver not found the right doctor for the injury.

George Clooney tormented By the staff Canalis in Italy, he

George Clooney has apparently not such a good hand in the choice of Personnel: As he was last month, with girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis in Italy, he was wounded by his employees in the first place and then transferred to George was just about to rise to his estate on lake Como in a car, as him, one of his employees zuknallte the car door on his Hand. The Hollywood Star had to immediately then to a doctor, but it got even worse, as Clooney only now told .

Gray temples, wise head.

“My driver to drive me into the city. ] and brings me to a dentist! The then comes in, lights me up with his Dentist’s light on the Hand and begins to pull at my fingers, which hurt. At the end he says: ‘Hmm, I think this is broken.’ I then just shouted ‘Is there anywhere here a real doctor?'”

Finally, George was brought up in Switzerland and after 40 minutes of driving he was a real doctor, who stated that the Hand was really broken. Even if the Whole George Clooney was certainly not as funny – his press Secretary took the whole incident with Humor: “The doctor has given him about 30 to 40 more years to live, also were injured while Connecting his Hand, no living animals.”

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