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George Clooney.

George Clooney is not only handsome, successful and politically engaged, but also a faithful husband and father of a family.

George Clooney.

Born 6. May 1961 , Lexington, Kentucky / USA first name George Timothy Name Clooney years 58 Size 1.8 m.

Zodiac Taurus.

Partner Amal Clooney (married) ; Stacy Keibler (2011-2013) ; Elisabetta Canalis (2009-2011) ; Sarah Larson (2007-2008) ; Renée Zellweger (2003) ; Lisa Snowdon (2000-2005) ; Talia Balsam (1989-1993) ; Kelly Preston (1987-1989) children Alexander Clooney (*2017) ; Ella Clooney (*2017)

Not everyone knows that.

It is reported that Clooney of the pseudonym Arnold Schwarzenegger uses when checking into Hotels for many years .

Before his wedding with Amal Alamuddin George Clooney was married once before: with Talia Balsam. In 1989, the two married in 1993, a divorce followed, however, .

What are the lessons learned George Clooney from his failed relationships? “Quite simply: nothing at All! I’ve always failed miserably. I should really focus on the other Direction, as I’ve learned in the past few years at the most.” Maybe it’ll work with his current wife Amal better.

“I have 18 years of a great relationship with a pig, and that makes me happy.” The heart of George was seemingly part of really its Max, the pot-bellied pig, died in December 2006 .

One could almost think that Georges masculinity comes to at least two-thirds of its distinctive chin. “Yes, I have a good old chin. You can have cardboard bills for this. When you Drink, you can hang this chin on the Bar. The works.”

George Clooney is also a producer successful: in 2013, he was awarded for ‘Argo’ Oscar in this category.

Clooney’s luscious buttocks uncovered to be the actual reason, the ‘Solaris’ in cinema view. To him, the appearance in the Adam costume was also nothing: “If my ass helps to promote the Film, then I have no Problem with that.”

Multitasking as an actor, Director, and producer beats George Clooney on the stomach: For years, he is due to gastric ulcer in medical treatment. Nevertheless, he has a great weakness for beer. He loves it and was during ‘Ocean’s Twelve’-shoot, even a beer barrel in the wardrobe to install. Sometimes he mixes it with Whiskey in a glass.

George Clooney is a real guy, but even he occasionally suffers from the classic nightmares, “about I the case of infinite or locked in am. Or that all my teeth fall out. I read once, that means fear of death. Sometimes I dream that I turn a continuation of ‘Batman + Robin’. The movie was really bad.”

The politically engaged Obama supporters is committed to the protection of the climate and collects donations for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti and the terrorist attacks of 11. September.

Through his political involvement in Sudan and his Foundation “Not On Our Watch,” George has always acted as a potential politician in the US-Democrats. But the actor hesitates .

The only way would be immediately to come clean: “I’ve done everything. I drank Bong water. And now let us go through problems and talk,” quipped George in the US magazine ‘Newsweek’. “This will be my election slogan:’ I drank the Bong water.”

Since January 2008, George Clooney as a UN messenger of peace operates.

Between 2006 and 2014, the heartthrob took the coffee group Nespresso in numerous commercials.

George Clooney’s aunt Rosemary was one of the most popular Pop and Jazz artists in the United States of the 1950s. In your house wild parties with Stars such as Gregory Peck and Jack Lemmon were held on a regular basis. Marlene Dietrich is supposed to have lived for a time with her .

Be the first cinema to-Date George Clooney with 18 years in the horror movie “Alien” had. His Date should have been in fear on his lap set .

In The Film “Hail,Caesar!”, George Clooney is, as the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar in an armor skirt. During the shooting he had been with the Outfit for the laughs, the Directors Joel and Ethan Coen on his side.

Biography of George Clooney.

Georgie hung, even as a small Boy, constantly in the TV Studio, Papa Nick weatherman and presenter was. Together with sister Ada George held a Small high-always the cue sheets, or during breaks in a couple of performances for the audience. For a long time, he wanted to be but not Look – but to be a baseball player, preferably for the Cincinnati Reds. “The cap I already had. Just had no Talent.” A journalism education at Northern Kentucky University was not so True for him. 20 George broke off and then all the tents in Kentucky and moved in with his aunt Rosemary, a critically acclaimed show size in Hollywood .

Amal + George Clooney.

They say a second Time “Yes”

These were the most legendary guest appearances.

The cave of the lion.

Judith Williams is at odds with the fate of.

Later, as Dr. Ross.

To he pediatrician Dr. Ross in ‘er’ in female viewers makes for a dizzying pulse frequencies, but it is still a long way: George was a real late bloomer, which was only discovered in my mid 30’s so right. Until then, the actor killer tomatoes crushed in a third-rate horror Comedy and turned 15 Pilot films, one of which is not a went into series production. For a time he actually slept at a friend’s house in the broom closet and selling women’s shoes.

The woman of the world is at his feet.

Five Times he spoke of the role of the sexy hitchhiker from ‘Thelma and Louise’, a Part that then, however, Brad Pitt began his career as a Superstar. Nevertheless, the two are now quite thick, maybe they were in harmony on the canvas as good as a rogue buddy in ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ (2001) plus sequels. But it may also be that the two actors have relaxed on lake Como. And there’s George in his two villas, the house of the Lord. Also Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, or Michelle Pfeiffer pipes for its home-style Italian cooking like changes to your diet plan. In 1000 women, with the eternal bachelor has divided according to its own information already in the bed, fell hard for him the decision for Mrs Right, of course, for a long time. The lovely George but can bring a lot more, as women, to forget your good intentions .

George and the women.

Climb up to the Oscar-winning Superstar.

His big breakthrough George Clooney celebrated as a smart and masculine guy in the vampire horror film ‘From Disk Till Dawn’ (1996). A year later, the actor celebrated with the Film ‘Batman & Robin’ another Hit at the box office. From now on, the multi-talent has proved itself again and again successfully both in front and behind the camera. And, like, the embodiment of the liberal, thanks to ‘Syriana’, for which he received the 2006 Oscar for best supporting actor, and ‘Good Night, and Good Luck’ (2005) in the conservative America of consciousness . “I would like to make projects about which one can debate,” says the dedicated heartthrob.

George is not a professional politician.

Even in politics, he is not going, even though there is already a George-for-President-Shirts: “Never, not a Chance! I have slept with too many women, too many drugs and had too many parties.” Instead, the actor celebrates prefer movies like ‘The fantastic Mr. Fox’ (2009), ‘Gravity’ (2013), ‘Monuments Men – Unusual hero’ and ‘Money Monster’ one success after the other.

Star Style, George Clooney: in the past, and today.

Hollywood’s most coveted bachelor, marries.

On his “old days” the passionate bachelor has become much calmer. After a nearly two-year-old very publicly-run relationship with Ex-wrestler Stacy Keibler, the actor in the autumn of 2013 and fell in love with the lawyer Amal Alamuddin . The Lebanon-born British – which, among Other things, the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange represents – is regarded as an absolute Power woman. Clooney held in April, 2014, at her Hand, in September 2014, the wedding took place in Venice. His friends are excited by it: “No one who has met Amal, is surprised by [of the engagement]. I’m excited and we’re all really happy for him,” said George Clooney’s good friend Matt Damon, for example, via the power couple.

Clooney + Amal: The Wedding.

These Stars celebrated with them in Venice.

George Clooney is finally a father.

And how Amal and George see? As a parent, maybe? The Baby question was one of the most discussed, whenever it was since the wedding to the success of the few. In 2017, the tabloids dream come true, Amal Clooney brought in June 2017, the twins Alex and Ella to the world. Enthusiasm and anticipation, the expectant could not hold on to the end of grandma Nina Clooney, George’s mother, in the run-up back and revealed the sex of the unborn twins: “It will be of any of a. Yes, a Boy and a girl .”

Enough space for family growth in George’s and Amal’s huge country house outside London from all – there in 2016, a major extension and refurbishment was completed. The nursery apparently included. Oh George, you hear the woman’s heart break?

Films with George Clooney (selection)

1988: the return of The killer tomatoes 1994-1999, 2009: Emergency Room – The emergency room in 1996: From Dusk Till Dawn 1997: Batman & Robin 1997: project: Peacemaker 1998: Out of Sight 1998: The thin red line 2000: The storm of 2000: O Brother, Where Art Thou? – A Mississippi Odyssey 2001: Ocean’s Eleven 2002: Solaris 2003: A (un)possible case of hardship in 2004: Ocean’s 12 in 2005: Good Night, and Good Luck 2005: Syriana 2007: Ocean’s 13 2007: Michael Clayton 2008: Burn After Reading – Who burns the Finger? 2009: The fantastic Mr. Fox in 2009: Up in the Air 2009 the men who stare at goats 2010: The American 2011: The >

Test Your Star Knowledge.

What is the name of the Tequila brand that George Clooney and his friend Rande Gerber created?

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