Princess Charlène looks like your luxurious wardrobe

Princess Charlène looks like your luxurious wardrobe bit more

Princess Charlène: this is how it looks in your wardrobe .

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Five rooms filled with Royal robes and accessories – The Swedish designer Frida Ahlvarsson reveals how luxurious the wardrobe of Princess Charlène of Monaco is.

Princess Charlène looks like your luxurious wardrobe find the

Fashion can be bought, style one must have. This top Fashion commandment also applies to Royals. In order to be fashionable for all appointments and Events prepared, needed Princess Charlène of Monaco is more than a clothes rack full of evening gowns and pants suits. How big and extravagant the luxurious wardrobe of the wife of Prince Albert, told the Swedish designer Frida Ahlvarsson now in an interview with the magazine “Sven’s Dam”.

Splendour in the dressing room.

“The rooms were five feet high, and the wardrobe reached from floor to ceiling. There were a lot of marble.”, the designer reported the dressing room of the Monegasque beauty. “Everything was incredibly exclusive and organized”.

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On-site, in the wardrobe of Charlene, noted Ahlvarsson, that it was missing the Princess by a selection of timeless blouses. “Beautiful, noble blouses in a subtle cut will never go out of fashion.”, find the fashion expert. It should have on long pants and silk blouses, however, not been lacking. For Charlène you wish more, in General, a woman, and a bit more cheeky style.

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