Let’s Dance 2019: The official pictures of the Stars

Barbara Becker, Oliver Pocher, Nazan Eckes and co. are with 12. Round – 2019 RTL goes in search of the “Dancing Star” of the year – that is to say, it’s time again for “Let’s Dance” ! The prelude to the twelfth season of the great learning Show on 15 made. March, in the the 14 Stars learned which professional dancers sweep you away in the coming weeks over the dance floor. These celebrities are in 2019, with it, you have done it! “French fries“ and Ekat were able to win the “Let’s Dance“-Cup. 29 / 29 © TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius These 14 Stars fight for the title “Dancing Star” of 2019! “I’m happy, I’m really in the mood, but also a real Ride, ( … ), I’m going to train like an animal!” he says. The dancing couple is already eliminated in the first Show. “That’s always been a dream of mine,” he says RTL. In the second episode of “Let’s Dance” it has dances for the Comedian out. “I’m going to win, because I’m gonna give am and every day focused, everything,” says the YouTuber. But his ambition was not enough unfortunately. The Teenie-Star had to leave in the third shipment the dance show. In mid-January, speculation about the participation of the fashion designer at the time, neither Rath nor RTL took the floor. It is now official: The 52-Year-old, starting on the 15. March on the smooth dance floor. His Dancing skills haven’t convinced the audience unfortunately. In episode four of the Ex-GNTM-Juror had to leave the Show. “For me, it would be awkward to dance with a man. It is nice to show that there are more than these classical dance,” she explains. The singer had to leave the dance show in the fifth shipment. “I am so excited and want to go out pleasure out of your comfort zone and into the dance,” she says proudly. That’s with fleet rhythms on the dance floor: The actress and her dance partner are not able to collect in the sixth Show, enough points, and must Let’s Dance to 2019 to leave. “Endurance, I have no end, and I love Dancing. My biggest dream was always, once in ‘Let’s Dance‘ to participate, but it is a huge challenge,” said the successful runner. From the dream: The Athlete was able to convince in the seventh Show, neither Jury, nor spectators of themselves. For Sabrina Mockenhaupt is a “Let’s Dance”. “I can’t keep my mouth shut. If so, the Jury would like to say something, it will not certainly be without words” , the 40-Year-old in advance. Olli made in this year’s season for the fun factor. In the eighth episode of the Comedian put a “James Bond”-worthy performance, had to say good-bye at the end of the show. “Normally, I think too much and dance too little. To learn the Dancing from a true professional, and to combine the love for the music with technique and discipline, is a special challenge for me, far from my comfort zone and my always high expectations of me. Let’s Dance in 2019 – I’m looking forward to it,” she reveals, compared to RTL. And then there were five: In the ninth Show of “Let’s Dance” was Barbara Becker, the audience voted out of the Show. “I have no words (…) I am mega and can’t realize it is still (…) it is amazing, I Interview dreams every day of ‘Let’s Dance‘,” the blonde in the RTL. Shortly before the semi-final it has will be dancing for Team EV out of it. In the 10. The Live Show had to say good-bye to the dance Duo. “Finally, a little dream for me come true . After all these years, I could join in with ‘Let’s Dance’. (…) I stand for the first Time as a candidate in front of the Jury. This is a very exciting story,” says the proud candidate After a few Calls to the audience Voting, it was time for the presenter on Friday evening at the “Let’s Dance“-semi-finals: end of the line. So she couldn’t dance in the Grand Finale to the crown. Close, but no, unfortunately. “We are hearing lots of music is perceived differently, but, nevertheless, we feel the rhythm and the Bass. Extremely important is the body language is also. So I’m going to pay attention to how my professional dance partner’s moves and me to your orientation,” he writes on Instagram . Up to the final, it was the dance Duo. But in the end, it was enough unfortunately only for 3rd place. “Guys, this is the Hammer! Samba, Rumba – I’m coming,” she writes on Instagram. She was the big favourite and danced like a Pro. In the end, the singer managed to do it but only on place 2. “It is a huge challenge, but life is made up of challenges, and I’ll turn myself in,” the professional Handball. You have done it! “French fries“ and Ekat were able to win the “Let’s Dance“-Cup. 29 / 29 © TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius These 14 Stars fight for the title “Dancing Star” of 2019! “I’m happy, I’m really in the mood, but also a real Ride, ( … ), I’m going to train like an animal!” he says. The dancing couple is already eliminated in the first Show. A strong immune system is the best protection against warts. 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