Heidi Klum: First love-Selfie with Tom Kaulitz

The Model-mom and the musicians go back to cozying up Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz have enough game from the hiding place, and let the whole world in your love happiness. Finally they are reunited! After Heidi Klum , 44, on the weekend of the 14. Birthday of their daughter, Leni celebrated, it was Tom Kaulitz, 28, in between his concerts at the “About You Awards” look. But now the lovebirds have to be love can be found back to each other and celebrate this with a romantic Selfie … So beautiful! On your Instagram Account Heidi Klum shared the first Selfie together with your loved one. “A wonderful Tuesday,” wrote the “GNTM”-Boss under the picture you like and the “Tokio Hotel”-guitarist Tom Kaulitz shows. Recently this known publicly to Heidi , as he explained in an Interview with the celebrity magazine “red!”: Yes, for me there is a (relationship, n. d. Red.). I’m super happy. With the Selfie he and his Model girlfriend show again: We don’t want to hide our love! Visibly happy grins the 28-Year-old in the camera, while Heidi pushes on the shutter button. Tom’s twin brother, Bill Kaulitz, commented on the photo prompt with a Smiley with hearts in the eyes , which could also the feelings of the musician and the Four-Mami reflect. Seems that would welcome the singer as his brother, as Heidi’s Fans. These are made according to the dear-Posting completely out of the house: Tom and Heidi you two are so cute All right, Heidi! Think you two guys are great together. Good luck Heidi, are the comments of the Fans. After the two early April, showed in the love-holiday in the Mexican city of Cabo San Lucas, leaving the lovebirds, Arm-in-Arm to the airport of Los Angeles . Various expressions of Love on the part of the “GNTM”-juror, followed by the even shared a first kiss photos with your loved one. Apparently, Heidi is in contrast to Tom prefer pictures speak for themselves … don’t Let Stars, Styles, Beauty & Lifestyle inspiration and result is OK! in the case of Pinterest! The treatment of many myths. You know how you warts really get rid of again. What is the witch in the fairy tale would it be without your wart on the nose? No wonder you wanted to get rid of the skin growths earlier again as quickly as possible, in order not to be a witch and held. At that time, people resorted to home remedies to combat the wart. Until today many myths exist around the issue of warts and their removal: myth 1: snail on a full moon: It is when the moon is full a snail over the wart crawl. She leaves behind a trail of slime that should allow it to dry. Myth 2: onion: cut an onion into small pieces and places them for 24 hours in vinegar. Every night before to sleep you shall go to a piece of vinegar onion on the wart and stick it with a plaster. Myth 3: chalk: chalk is applied on the wart to dry up gradually. Myth 4: Discuss and wait : An “herb woman” or a medical practitioner discusses the wart daily, until it is gone. Some of these myths have even today, faithful followers. Who does not want to rely on these myths, can and should help today, in a reliable way – without the onion smell, or snail slime. Warts are not uncommon. According to an estimate by the world health organization (WHO), or 80 percent of all people have had a wart 1 . The skin growths are usually triggered by an infection with human papilloma virus (HPV). These are highly contagious and will spread quickly. The virus can be transmitted from person to person through skin contact or indirectly through objects, for example, via shared towels. Warts often occur on the feet, because the risk of Infection in the areas where people go barefoot, for example, in the swimming pool, in the Sauna or in the sports hall. Warts are not only unsightly, they can also cause discomfort. A quick treatment is important because it Affected others and even self-infect. Then, several of them are from a wart very fast and the skin growths can also occur on other parts of the body. In the following cases, warts should be treated urgently: The first shield of protection against warts is the immune system. It is weakened, the virus easy game. By strengthening your immune system, assist you to fight warts from the inside out. By the way: A strong immune system can even prevent it ever comes to infection. With these tips, you strengthen your immune system and say warts the fight:

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