What are the activities the surroundings of Berlin

What are the activities the surroundings of Berlin

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The German capital Berlin is the hippest city in Germany and offers not only for its residents but also for the many tourists that an incredible amount of variety. The city of Berlin has to offer a lot already. But on the other hand, you can find targets in addition to, in the outskirts of Berlin a number of interesting trip.

In the city itself, you can rely on the public transport. Of course you can also rent a car to come around even easier worthwhile destinations in the vicinity. In the following article, we present a small selection of interesting destinations. A rewarding excursion destination is the Olympic stadium. It fabiosa.com is especially at this stadium, to visit a home game of Hertha BSC Berlin.

But even on non-game days, a visit to this impressive stadium is definitely worth it. This can also be seen that since the re-opening after a renovation in 2004, every year some 300,000 visitors from all over the world find the way to the Olympic stadium. Adults have to pay for a visit to the Olympic stadium by the way 8 Euro entrance. For families the Family Card is valid for a price of 19 Euro for two adults and three children up to the age of 16 years, is particularly worthwhile.

Easy to reach the Olympic stadium is by public transport. If you want to escape the hustle and bustle in the capital a little, the should take a trip to Köpenick into consideration. There is a New Venice, which is located between the dams Ritz and Müggelsee.

Here you can discover a total of six channels, which you can discover on your own with a canoe. Of course, you have to bring a canoe, but you can easily rent a canoe on site. Who gets in-between hungry, you can visit the restaurant of New Venice, which is located in one of the channels. These and many other interesting destinations you can find also here . To recommend visitors to the capital is also a trip to the Mecklenburg lake district, which is away with the car only around 90 minutes. This destination is so beautiful that a day trip there is really much to short.

Therefore, for this trip to Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania will have more time to plan. Overall, there is the way around the Müritz 1117 lakes, which are connected to each other. Thus, it is in the Mecklenburg lake district is the largest contiguous water sports area in Europe.

The Park Sanssouci is located in Potsdam, capital of Brandenburg, and thus only about 45 minutes from the centre of Berlin. In 1990, the Park is a UNESCO world heritage site has been nominated and is, at the latest, since this point in time for the Berlin one of the most famous excursion destinations in the vicinity. The Park offers not only the magnificent palaces of Sans Souci, but, in addition, the beautiful Palais and gardens, with their terraces, sculptures and water play incredibly impressive. Many more information about trendy destinations around the world, you can also find here.

There you can be informed after the trip to Berlin again on the next holiday destinations.

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